Thursday, January 1, 2015


Don't worry it's not what you're thinking!

It's a eye shadow palette that I had been wanting since forever. Thanks to
family members for giving me money for my birthday (they think I'm picky)
I was able to finally buy it.

There are 3 different palettes I was able to choose from.
To know which one was the best for me, I went online and saw reviews. It was a
conclusion that NAKED 2 was the one for me because it didn't really have
dark colors, which I don't think look good on me (or shall I say I don't
know how to put them on properly).

It ended up being a great choice since it's been the only palette I've
been using for specially occasions.

There are a couple of colors that are dark, but it's okay. I don't really use them
as eye shadow, instead I get the thin side of the brush or another one of
brushes I have and use it as eyeliner.

The name of the colors are: (going left to right) FOXY, HALF BAKED, BOOTY CALL,
and BLACKOUT. It seems like the first color is the match to the following one
because the first one is matte having the match look quite similar but with shimmer.

The ones I've been using the most are FOXY with HALF BAKED and
 BOOTY CALL with CHOPPER. They are good shadows not to vibrant or bleak.
These are perfect for a casual Sunday or a going out Friday.

your sister,
Adamari E. xoxo

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